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Hi there! Now it’s time to introduce myself my name is Pete Perkins  and i be reviewing Atkins Diet

For you to see if you can or can not lose weight i hope you in joy it

If you are on the lookout for some Atkins diet reviews, it is probably because you are ready to take the next step into a healthier lifestyle by getting on track and eating a diet that is low carb. Your carbs will be restricted, and your proteins and fats will be emphasized.

Perhaps you are just on the lookout for a structured eating plan. The Atkins Diet can help you choose healthful and delicious foods that keep you full and keep you from getting the urge to graze.

Or, perhaps your doctor or other healthcare professional has informed you that losing weight is necessary to maintain good health. After all, changing the way you eat and forming healthy habits is the key to long term weight loss.

Maybe you do not need weight loss and are just here to see the benefits of a low-carb lifestyle. Our Atkins reviews will get you the info you need and help you figure out if this is the right lifestyle for you.

In this particular article, we are going to talk about some of the best Atkins Diet products, from the most cost-effective to some of the more expensive products you can get out there. We will take a look at the budget products for Atkins Diet and even some of the higher-end ones. If it is Atkins Diet related, we want to discuss it!

We will talk about some good meal bars, some tasty Atkins Diet shakes, and some informative Atkins Diet meal plans. The best product for Atkins Diet is not hard to find once you have read through our helpful guide. We even take a look at the

Best Atkins Diet Products

  • Atkins Snack and Meal Bars
  • Atkins Endulge   
  • Atkins Plus Protein Fiber Shakes
  • Atkins Breakfast Scrambles 
  • Atkins Frozen Snacks
  • Customizable Frozen Foodie Unlimited
  • Atkins Frozen Pizzas
  • Easy Peasy Meal Kit
  • Evening Chef Meal Kit
  • Atkins Frozen Meals

Now it is time for the fun to start, which is us reviewing these great Atkins Diet products. You will not be able to choose just one product, as all of these will be very useful when you begin your Atkins diet journey.

Here is a helpful table leading into our new Atkins diet plan reviews. We think the meal bars are the best for those on a budget, but those with extra money to spend will love the pre-packaged meal plans delivered right to the door.

Atkins Snack and Meal Bars

Atkins diet reviews

These bars come in plenty of great flavors. We know that following a new lifestyle or diet can be hard, and you want great taste plus a feeling of satisfaction when you eat it.

So, these bars are a great choice. They are tantalizing to the taste buds, with flavors like Chocolate Almond Caramel, and Vanilla Pecan Crisp. Our personal pick is the Peanut Fudge Granola-they are a real treat.

These are reasonably priced and are found in most retail stores, plus, you can store them in a purse or backpack with ease!

Is It Worth it?

Yes-these bars fill you up and travel anywhere. And the flavors are so delicious you will look forward to eating them each day.

Atkins Snack and Meal Bars Pros and Cons


  •  Easy to take on the road
  • Taste great with coffee
  • Price is reasonable


  • Only about 5 bars per pack
  • May not be suitable for those with nut allergy
    Atkins Endulge 


Atkins Endulge

Atkins diet reviews

The Atkins Endulge is a brand that allows you to enjoy the tasty candies you love without breaking your diet. There are eleven of these great treats to enjoy and you will want to buy them all.

They taste almost like the real candy you remember but not as sweet. The packets are also a tad small for our taste, but they still taste pretty good and satisfy that sweet tooth.

They are reasonably priced, and the small packets make it easy to carry around in a pocket, purse or bag. We like the Chocolate Covered Almonds!
Is It Worth it?
Yes, because we all love a sweet once in a while. These are good for going to the movies with friends or as a small dessert after dinner is over. The price is not bad, but we do think the packets are small.

Atkins Endulge Pros and Cons


  •  Allows you to enjoy candy on your diet 
  • 11 varieties to choose from
  • Tastes great!


  • Packets are kind of small
  • Only five packets per box

Atkins Plus Protein Fiber Shakes

You can buy Atkins shakes ready to drink, or even powders like the one above. The flavors taste great. The Vanilla is our personal favorite although the

Chocolate is creamy and rich.

There are even Chocolate Banana shakes, so you can really have some variety in your life. The Atkins ready-made shakes are so easy to pack when you go to work or school, so there’s no excuse not to enjoy your daily shakes.

They taste pretty good, but still have that protein shake flavor we know from previous diets. The price on these are reasonable.

Is It Worth it?
Yes, these shakes are great. We like the ready-made ones a bit better, as they are ready to drink. The powdered ones have better value for the money.

Atkins Plus Protein Fiber Shakes Pros and Cons


  •  Many great flavors to choose from 
  • Shakes are creamy and rich
  • Prices are reasonable


  • They do have a protein shake taste to them

There are three great Peanut Butter Granola to choose from. They taste great and feature real ingredients, and they are so high in protein you get filled up fast. It is a complete breakfast on the go.

You will love the inclusions of sausage and peppers in the Farmhouse Scramble, that was our favorite. Peanut Butter Granola is a classic flavor and loved by all.

We noted there was no vegetarian option, which is somewhat disappointing. Otherwise, these taste great and have a good price.
Is It Worth it?
Absolutely. These bowls provide a complete meal and make your morning taste great. They keep you going until lunch with no need for snacks.


  •  Enjoy a complete, fast breakfast
  • Three to choose from 


  • No vegetarian option included

Don’t have time to plan out your Atkins lifestyle all week? Try out this meal kit. You get 28 Atkins products included, which is 14 frozen meals, 7 meal bars, and 7 shakes to have throughout the week.

You can easily have this delivered to your house each and every week to make your shopping easier. You even save $50 on average when you do it this way!

Indeed, the variety is great, and it is wonderful for busy people. However, this meal plan costs $98 per shipment, so this might be good for occasional use, on those weeks when you are just too busy to shop.
Is It Worth it?
Yes, it is a great way for Atkins beginners to enjoy their meals and shakes with no worries if they’re doing it right. But we do find the price to be high.


  •  Great variety of food included
  • You can just grab and go with these foods
  • It is great for busy dieters


  • Some products may be substituted if out of stock
  • Price is high

Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps, Lemon Vanilla, Keto Friendly, 5 Count

If you are busy all day long but you have time to make your own food in the evening, this is your bag right here. This caters to the busy professionals and parents who want to eat meal bars and frozen meals during the day but want to make their own dinners once they are home.

There are many delicious foods in here to look forward to, like Beef Merlot, Crustless Chicken Pot Pie and Breakfast Scrambles.

There are even some great shakes and meal bars to enjoy plus a few sweets-the Lemon Vanilla Wafers were our favorite when we got a sweet craving.
Is It Worth it?
For busy people, yes-this is worth it. But it does get expensive and should probably only be an occasional delivery if you're really pressed for time one week.

Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps, Lemon Vanilla, Keto Friendly, 5 Count


  • Tons of good foods included
  • You save an average of $50 buying this way
  • Shakes are included


  • This meal kit is a bit pricey at $90 per kit.

Atkins Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Pretzel Meal Bar, 8.5 Oz

This one really caught our eye because it is customizable in that you pick your favorite foods out and they send them right to you. You can choose favorites like Chicken Margherita, Beef Teriyaki Stir Fry, and Orange Chicken.

There are heaps of others, too. This is a great way to stay on track and avoid going to the grocery store, especially if your local store does not carry Atkins products.

This is also the cheapest of the meal delivery plans at $80, but this is still a high price for the average consumer. But the quality and taste is unmatched.
Is It Worth it?
Yes, but only if you find yourself particularly busy one week and cannot make it to the store. Otherwise, it is probably cheaper at a discount retailer.

Atkins Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Pretzel Meal Bar, 8.5 Oz


  • Free shipping with 14 meals chosen
  • Plenty of options to choose


  • The price is still high for many consumers.

Atk Endlge Choc Peanut Ca Size 6.0z Atk Endulge Chocolate Peanut Candies

Yum, now there is a way to enjoy  chocolate peanut candies with your family without breaking your diet. These  chocolate peanut candies taste great and you get to eat your favorite treat any time. The crusts are low carb, and they taste so good you can’t tell the difference.

The cheese is real and fresh. We like a little hot sauce on our chocolate peanut candies, and this one tasted so great with a few dashes. We only wish they were bigger, because they taste so good, but portion control is important!

We highly recommend these chocolate peanut candies ; they are wonderful low carb alternatives.
Is It Worth it?
Yes! chocolate peanut candies tastes great and is loved by all. This allows you to enjoy it at a good price and you won’t break your diet.

Atk Endlge Choc Peanut Ca Size 6.0z Atk Endulge Chocolate Peanut Candies


  •  This  chocolate peanut candies is healthy and tastes great. 
  • Meat and cheese on chocolate peanut candies is tasty
  •  Price is great for this chocolate peanut candies


  • No vegetarian chocolate peanut candies options

Atkins Peanut Butter Cups. Rich and Creamy Treats with Choco and Peanut Butter. (10 Cups per Box)

These yummy snacks are good for the days your family is settling in to watch a football game or even a movie. You can enjoy Atkins Peanut Butter Cups. Rich and Creamy Treats with Choco and Peanut Butter


These taste pretty good and you can make them simply by putting them into the oven. The way the Parmesan cheese mixes right into the bites is just so good. Atkins Peanut Butter Cups. Rich and Creamy Treats with Choco and Peanut Butter

The price is reasonable, but we would pay a lot more if we could have more in the pack to share with family.

Is It Worth it?
Eh, only if you are having a special day with family and you want a healthy snack.
Otherwise, these seem to take up space in the freezer.

Atkins Peanut Butter Cups. Rich and Creamy Treats with Choco and Peanut Butter. (10 Cups per Box)


  • Enjoy a game day snack with no guilt
  • Made with healthy cauliflower
  • The flavors really “pop”


  • These were a bit hard to find in stores

Atkins Endulge Chocolate Break Single Pack with 3 x 21.5g bars

With so many great flavors of Atkins Endulge Chocolate Break Single Pack with 3 x 21.5g bars

to be exact-you are sure to find some favorites. These are bursting with real flavor, and they are loaded with real ingredients that fill you up.

Our favorite was the Atkins Endulge Chocolate Break Single Pack with 3 x 21.5g bars  but the Pork Verde was good, too. There are no vegetarian options for these frozen meals, so that was a pain point for us.

All in all, these are great meals, and you will feel satisfied when you eat. The price is pretty good too-our local retailer sold them for $3.99 a meal. Less than the cost of lunch out!
Is It Worth it?

Yes, because you are going to get hungry at work or home and there’s no time to make lunch. These are good to keep on hand for that reason alone.

Atkins Endulge Chocolate Break Single Pack with 3 x 21.5g bars


  • 21 varieties to choose from 
  • Real ingredients
  • Pricing is competitive


  • No vegetarian option
  • Some meals are harder to find than others


So, are you hungry yet? We know we are after writing about these great tasting Atkins diet foods. With so many Atkins diet plan reviews out there it can be hard to pinpoint what you need.

The main thing to do is to look for the Atkins logo at the top of your product, and this will be the indicator that you are getting a low carb, great tasting and quality product!

Please do comment or share this article if you enjoyed it-or tell us your favorite Atkins product.

Overall, I’m really impressed with Atkins Diet . It’s helped me loss weight and it’s a very good  for the price 

I highly recommend this weight loss Diet especially if you’re just starting to Dieting 

Don’t forget to check and see if the discount is still available here