Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

Dietary supplements are commonly used to increase the rate of fat burning during exercise. Most of them are used before a workout session to maximize results. In today’s review, let’s look at 8 best pre-workouts for fat loss supplements that you can find on the market.

What Are Pre-Workouts for Fat Loss?

Pre-workouts for fat loss are supplements taken before exercise to boost fat burning in the body.

Their aim is to help you shed as much body fat as possible without affecting muscle mass.

Pre-workouts for fat loss work in a variety of ways, including by:

  • Enhancing thermogenesis, which is the production of heat in the body

  • Boosting the rate of fat oxidation in the body

  • Increasing energy expenditure

  • Inhibiting fat accumulation in the body

  • Increasing the metabolic rate

  • Suppressing appetite

All of these effects eventually lead to increased fat shedding and reduced fat accumulation in the body.

Pre-workouts for fat loss are commonly used by people who want to lose weight or develop lean muscle mass.

Because of their effect on body fat, these supplements are popularly referred to as fat burners. An important thing to remember is that fat burners don’t work well on their lonesome.

They’re most effective when accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise program. As the word 'supplement' implies, this is a product that should be used to boost the benefits of a healthy regimen.

If you ignore to take the lifestyle changes required to boost your fat loss, you might not see much results after using pre-workouts for fat loss. You can check out this YouTube Video that explains in detail how fat burners work.

It’s also important that you buy the best pre-workouts for fat loss that you can find to ensure reliable results with no side effects.

But there are so many brands and products in the market, which makes it hard to decide on one. To make it easier for you, I’ve made a list of factors that you should keep in mind before buying your fat loss supplement.

What Are the Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pre-workout for Fat Loss?

Before buying any pre-workout for fat loss, consider the following factors:

  • Type of Pre-Workout

Pre-workouts are available in various types and forms. You can get capsules, powder, drinks, or a topical cream to help with your fat loss goals.

Go for the type that’s most convenient to you, and which you’ll be comfortable using.

Some of the differences between the various forms include:

  • A single scoop of powder can give you enough serving for a one-time dosage, while you may need to take several capsules to get a serving to use once.

  • A powder pre-workout requires preparation by mixing in water before use, while pre-workout drinks are ready to use at any time.

In terms of how they work, some pre-workouts increase the rate of fat burning in the body, while others keep you from eating too much calories that lead to weight gain.

Others give you an energy boost so that you can exercise longer and lose more fat.

  • Ingredients Used

This is a crucial criterion to consider before buying any pre-workout supplement. The ingredients used in a product will determine how it works, and whether it’ll be effective or not.

Check whether the ingredients used are safe for consumption, and if they’ve been clinically proven to aid fat loss.

You might also want to see if any stimulants have been used in the formulation.

Common ingredients you’ll find in fat loss supplements are caffeine, cayenne pepper, guarana seed extract, beta-alanine, and green-tea extract.

Also check how much of each ingredient has been used, since this determines whether it'll have a positive, negative, or no effect at all.

  • Synthetic or Natural?

There are both natural and synthetic fat loss pre-workouts in the market, some that work and others that don’t.

However, natural pre-workouts are healthier for you, as long as they contain well-researched fat loss supplements.

Many of the synthetic ingredients used in some pre-workouts have a health risk and may cause many side effects. This is especially when you use them on a long-term basis.

  • Your Medical Condition/History

Do you have an history of illness, allergies, currently have a medical condition, or are using medication?

If so, you should not use pre-workouts for fat loss without consulting a doctor first. They’ll let you know if and when it’s safe to use supplements.

If you have conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, or heart problems, it’s not advisable to use these supplements.

  • Product/Brand Reputation

Always check customer reviews before buying a pre-workout product. These reviews will give you a clearer picture of what to expect once you begin using the product.

If many customers cite good results and leave positive reviews, the product may be worth using. But if there are lots of complaints and reports of side effects, it’s best to avoid buying the pre-workout.

Brand reputation is also important, since a company that’s popular with customers likely produces many effective products.

8 Best Pre-Workouts for Fat Loss

  1. MuscleTech Vapor X5 Next Gen Pre Workout Powder & Weight Loss Supplement

Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

VaporX5 pre-workout powder is manufactured by MuscleTech, a brand that has been in the market for about two decades.

It has a formulation that enhances energy and focus, allowing you to take part in more intense exercises.

The main ingredient in this supplement is robusta coffee seed, which has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss among subjects on a calorie-deficient diet and moderate exercise regimen.

It contains an Extreme Energy Matrix that contains caffeine for intense workouts. This also improves thermogenesis, metabolism, and focus.

A nitric oxide blend containing Hawthorne berry and l-citrulline helps with vasodilation. This boosts the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue, accelerating strength building and recovery between sets.

This formula is third-party tested to ensure quality and purity and has been shown to be safe and effective to use for fat loss.

It’s suitable for both men and women and is highly effective when used alongside a high protein and low sugar diet. You should also avoid saturated fats.

If your main goal is weight loss, mix a scoop with 6oz water and drink half an hour before your two largest meals of the day.

For pre-workout, use 2 scoops of the powder with 12oz water and drink 30 minutes before your session.


  • Boosts both energy and focus for optimal training performance.

  • Boosts blood circulation in the body, enhancing supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles for faster recovery.

  • Utilizes clinically proven ingredients for weight loss.


  • Not suitable for people who are sensitive to caffeine.

  1. JNX Sports The Ripper! Fat Burner Dietary Supplement

Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

Second on the list is the JNX Sports the Ripper! fat burner dietary supplement that has a powerful thermogenic effect.

This fat burner is made to work by increasing the rate of heat production in the body, boosting energy, and controlling appetite.

It’s suitable for both men and women who wish to see fast and major results in their workouts for fat loss.

This supplement contains a blend termed as Extreme Muscle Fuel that contains guarana seed extract, beta-alanine, caffeine anhydrous, and raspberry ketones. With this blend, your muscles get the strength and power that they need to get through intense exercise and increase fat shedding.

Another blend in this product is the Ripper Shred Matrix containing green tea leaf extract, taurine, acetyl l-carnitine, and green coffee bean extract. These ingredients boost fat burning in the body and help you lose excess deposits to leave behind lean muscle mass.

All the ingredients used in this formulation are scientifically proven to aid in building lean muscle and getting rid of extra body fat. Nutrients found in this fat burner are vitamin C, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, and chromium.

To use this powder, mix one scoop in 5-8oz cold water. Take it before exercise. Don’t use more than 3 times in a 24-hour period.


  • It’s vegan and gluten free.

  • Enhances fat loss while preserving muscle mass.

  • Curbs appetite to prevent overeating that leads to fat accumulation in the body.

  • Helps maintain focus throughout workout sessions.

  • Suitable for both men and women.


  • Not suitable for people with either beta-alanine or caffeine sensitivity.

  1. Hot Cream (10 pack), Slim Cream Portable Workout Enhancer Sweat Slim Cream, Fat Burning Cream for Women and Men for Weight Loss

Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

If you’re interested in topical pre-workouts, this one is ideal for you.

The Elaimei hot cream is made to be applied to the skin in order to boost thermogenesis and fat burning during physical activity. It can be applied to flatten and tighten you body on the arms, stomach, abdomen, and hips.

This fat burning cream is suitable for both men and women who want to lose weight.

It works by targeting the sweat glands and increasing the rate of perspiration. This boosts metabolism and increases muscle activity, leading to the burning of more calories.

The excessive sweating that happens after applying this cream gets rid of fat cells and toxins that are in the body. Therefore, besides helping you lose excess body fat, this hot cream also acts as a detoxifying product.

Using this cream can help prevent swelling that usually results from too much sweating. It can also prevent muscle pulls, strains, and alleviate soreness after exercise.

To use, apply this cream to your hips, abdomen, waist, thighs, legs, and arms. Don’t use any lotion or other cream when using this product, since they’ll create a barrier that’ll inhibit its effectiveness.

Before using the Elaimei hot cream, do a test on a small patch of your skin. You can apply this cream under your workout clothes, in a sauna, or when swimming.


  • It’s compact and portable, so you can take it with you to use anywhere.

  • It boosts blood circulation that aids in fat burning and muscle development and recovery.

  • Can be used as a massage cream for deep muscle relaxation.

  • Fastens warm-up time.


  • Some users complain that the cream causes uncomfortable heating with no sweating visible.

  • It contains some synthetic ingredients such as methyl paraben that can be irritating.

  1. Power Performance Products, Body Effects, Pre Workout Supplement - 570 Grams (Tropical Pineapple)

Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

Men and women who have an active lifestyle can use this pre workout supplement to boost their body heat production and fat loss.

The Body Effects weight loss formula increases both energy and mental focus to ensure that you get the most out of your workout sessions.

Besides helping with energy production and fat oxidation, this supplement also curbs appetite. It does this through ingredients such as natural cactus extract.

Therefore, if you’re on a calorie-restricted diet or want to avoid eating too much, using this product may help you to maintain your energy intake goals.

This product is made with health-enhancing ingredients and contains enough vitamin B to fulfill the recommended daily value. It also provides you with 30% daily value of fiber that you need for good health.

Some of the ingredients used are dandelion root extract, yerba mate leaf extract, caffeine, and CLA complex.

Mix one scoop of this powder with 8oz water or add it to a juice or smoothie. Take it 30-60 minutes before workout and ensure to eat within 2 hours after consuming it.

You’re advised not to use more than two scoops of the supplements in a day.


  • It enhances energy without jitters or crashes.

  • Contains clinically proven ingredients such as cactus leaf extract and EGCG.

  • Supports lean muscle mass development.

  • Suppresses appetite, aiding in calorie restriction.

  • Enhances mood and increases focus during workout session.


  • Contains caffeine, which is unfavorable to sensitive people.

  1. Pre-workout for Men & Women Weight Loss - Fat Burner. BESTFACTOR Detonator Powder Energy Drink

Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

Increase your workout capacity with the BESTFACTOR weight loss powder. This supplement is made to increase muscle power and strength, allowing you to pump harder and lift more during your sessions.

It boosts physical energy and mental focus to allow you to make the most of every second during your exercise. This is made possible by ingredients such as beta-alanine , d-aspartic acid, anhydrous caffeine, and creatine.

Other ingredients used are l-citrulline, l-taurine, and l-arginine. These are crucial amino acids that aid in muscle building and accelerate tissue repair and recovery after intense workouts.

This energy powder also helps to reduce soreness after workout, hence accelerating your recovery period.

All ingredients used are of high quality and are included in full doses to ensure optimal effectiveness. Each batch of products is taken through third-party testing to assure quality, purity, and effectiveness.

To use, mix scoop of the powder in 8oz water and take 15-30 minutes before workout. When using this powder, ensure to drink a lot of water during the day to avoid dehydration.


  • Contains ingredients that boost muscle power and strength to allow you to train harder and longer.

  • Accelerates muscle recovery.

  • Enhances mental focus during workouts.

  • It’s a fast-absorbing formula made for fast results.


  • Contains highly concentrated caffeine anhydrous that’s not suitable for sensitive people.

  1. ORGANIC - Naturally Slim Womens Natural Weight Loss Supplement and Fat Burner Pills

Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

These weight loss and fat burner pills are made specifically for women.

They contain CCOF organic certified ingredients that are sourced and manufactured in the United States. These ingredients are vegan friendly and non-GMO, providing the ideal solution for natural weight loss.

The main ingredient is organic Ashwagandha root extract which has been shown to relieve stress-related cravings. It also has anti-aging benefits and boosts fat burning.

Coleus Forskohlii extract is used to aid weight loss, and has-been clinically proven to reduce waist circumference in women.

There’s an organic and detox blend containing organic milk thistle, organic olive leaf, and organic burdock root. Other ingredients used are organic rice extract and vegetarian capsules.

Take 4 capsules with water before your meals to gain the weight loss benefits of this supplement.


  • It’s vegan friendly, non-GMO, and contains certified organic ingredients.

  • Helps reduce stress-related food cravings.

  • Contains clinically proven weight loss ingredients.


  • Not suitable do women who are sensitive to caffeine.

  1. BPI Sports CLA + Carnitine Non-Stimulant Weight Loss Supplement Powder

Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

Ideal for people who would rather avoid stimulants, this supplement contains a blend of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and carnitine that encourages fat loss.

It contains two proprietary blends, the first of which is the CLA Matrix. This is made up of coconut oil powder, safflower seed oil powder, and avocado oil powder. It makes up 2.5g of each serving.

The second blend is the Carnitine Matrix that contains L-carnitine tartrate and carnitine. Other ingredients include citric acid and natural and artificial flavors.

The CLA omega-6 fatty acids and carnitine amino acids work together to accelerate fat burning and prevent fat accumulation in the body. They enhance the conversion of fat into energy, hence boosting athletic performance.

This supplement can be used on its own to support fat burning or be stacked with other pre-workout supplements to enhance effects. Since it’s a non-stimulant product, it can be used together with other supplements containing stimulants.

To use, mix one scoop of this powder in 8oz cold water. You can use this pre workout at any time of the day because it doesn’t contain stimulants that may affect your sleep quality or cause jitters.


  • It doesn’t contain stimulants, which makes it suitable for people who are sensitive to ingredients such as caffeine.

  • Can be stacked with other pre-workouts to boost effects and fat loss results.

  • Prevents lipid accumulation in the body and encourages the use of stored fat as energy.


  • Contains two proprietary blends that don’t disclose the exact amount of each ingredient used.

  1. BPI Sports CLA + Carnitine – Conjugated Linoleic Acid – Weight Loss Formula – Caffeine Free

Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

This is yet another non-stimulant fat loss pre-workout from BPI Sports. It also contains a blend of omega-6 fatty acids and amino acids that work together to reduce fat in the body and boost lean muscle mass.

It contains 10 calories in each serving, is caffeine-free, and contains two proprietary blends. The first is the Omega-6 Acids & CLA Matrix blend with safflower seed oil powder, coconut oil powder, and avocado oil powder.

CLA works by inhibiting the activity of lipoprotein lipase that allows the absorption of fat from the bloodstream to be stored in fat cells. This prevents the accumulation of fat in the body.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid also supports the development and preservation of lean muscle mass.

The second blend is the Carnitine Matrix that helps to transport fat to the cells for energy production. This increases the amount of fats burned as calories to provide fuel.

Mix a scoop of this powder with 8oz water and take with or without food. It can be used in the morning and evening for best results.


  • Suitable for people who are sensitive to caffeine.

  • Helps build and preserve lean muscle mass.

  • Prevents further accumulation of fat in the body.

  • Increases the amount of fat burned for energy.


  • Contains proprietary blends that don’t specify the amount of ingredients used.


Using a fat loss pre-workout supplement can help advance your results. However, you need to be vigilant about the ingredients used.

As you can see, many of these supplements contain stimulants to boost energy for maximum performance. This limits when they may be used, and by who.

But a product like BPI Sports CLA + Carnitine – Conjugated Linoleic Acid – Weight Loss Formula - Caffeine Free is suitable for use at any time of the day and by any healthy adult who wants to lose body fat.

Best Pre-Workout for Fat Loss

It contains amino acids and omega-6 fatty acids that prevent fat accumulation while supporting development of lean muscle mass. And most importantly, this pre-workout doesn’t contain any stimulants.

This means that it won’t affect sleep quality or cause anxiety symptoms. In addition, it’s safe to use alongside other pre-workouts to boost results. This could be the best pre-workout for fat loss that many people can find in the market.

Always take your time when choosing a pre-workout supplement for fat loss to ensure that you end up with a product that’s safe for use and that will deliver effective results.