Belly Fat Burning Exercises

This Week's Top Stories About Belly Fat Burning Exercises

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to losing belly fat is changing poor eating habits. Well, there is no doubt that it is a good idea, but it would really be effective when you combine that with some workout.

The Belly Fat Burning Exercises below will help anyone lose weight from any part of the body they desire. It is important to note the exercises below do not only play a huge role in weight loss but also improving body shape.

There are a lot of exercises that will help with belly fat, especially if you do them the right way. With time you will begin to notice some changes. Remember, it is always important to do various exercises. In this short article, we have mentioned a few  Belly Fat Burning Exercises that can be done at home. Furthermore, these exercises are easy and safe for everybody, and you do not need a trainer.


This type of workout is the most popular and one of the most effective in getting the perfect abs. The workout targets both the upper and lower abs, hence reducing belly fat.

How To Do It The Right Way

The first step is lying down on a flat surface. Then place your hands at the back of the head and let each thumb rest behind each ear. Bend the knees and try to lift the head up to reach the knees and back. Do it 10 times to complete a set. Then take a break of 20 seconds before doing another set.

2.Scissor Kicks

Scissor kicks are a type of exercise that targets different parts of the body, such as lower abs, quads, upper abs, hamstrings, and glutes. Aside from helping reduce belly fat, it does also play an important role in improving body shape.

How To Do It The Right Way

To do it correctly, you have to lie down on a flat surface. Then start by lifting the legs off the floor and then lift the head and upper back off the floor as well. After doing this, lower the right leg to about an inch above the floor (note; do not touch the floor) and then lift it back to the original position. Repeat the whole process with the left leg as well.

Do it 10 times on both legs to finish a set. Remember to take a 20-second break before doing another set. When doing this belly fat burning exercises, it is important to ensure that you are not holding your breath.

3.Lift The Legs

If you are looking for an easy exercise that will target the abs, look no further. There isn’t any easy workout that targets the abs like the Lift The Legs. This workout targets upper abs, quads, lower abs, glutes, and hamstrings.

How To Do It The Right Way

Start by lying down on a flat surface. Let your hands lie straight as well, with both palms touching your flat surface and both thumbs under the hip. While the legs are straight, lift them slightly (like an inch of the floor). Let that position be your starting and initial point of your exercise.

Lift the legs to a 90° (degree) from the head or flat surface and then allow them to return back to the initial or starting position. Do this 10 times to complete your set. With this workout, it would be effective if you complete at least 3 sets before taking a 20-second rest.

NOTE: for the workout to be effective, do not let the legs rest or touch the floor and let the hips touch the ground at all times.

4.Leg In And Out

This is another great workout known to target glutes and both the upper and lower abs. Therefore, if your goal is to lose belly weight and strengthen the stomach, then this workout is for you.

How To Do It The Right Way

The first thing to do is sitting down on a flat surface and let your legs lay straight on the surface. Lean back and place your hands back for balance. Lift the legs while maintaining its straightness. Let that position be your initial or starting position. Now fold your knees and move the body forward like you are trying to touch the knees with the chest. Remember, do not allow the legs to touch the floor. Then bring back the body to the original position. Do this 15 times to complete a set and complete 2 sets before taking a rest.

Belly Fat Burning Exercises


Sit-ups are one of the most popular exercises known to help melt abdominal fat as well as belly toning. In other words, it helps in losing belly fat and improving the shapes of the abs. That is because it targets both the lower and upper abs. It is also perfect for those looking to increase body strength and flexibility.

How To Do It The Right Way

Begin by lying down on the floor and bend the knees. Allow the feet to rest on the floor surface. Then place your hands at the back of the head and allow this to be the initial starting position. Bring the upper body to the resting position using belly strength and bring it back to its original starting position. Do this 10 times to complete a set. For the workout to be effective, it would wise to do a couple of sets before resting.

6.Jackknife Crunch

This workout type helps in weight loss as well as toning the body. The exercise targets glutes, quads, abs, and hamstrings. With time, it improves overall body strength as well.

How To Do It The Right Way

By lying down on a flat surface, let your hands lie straight above the head. Then lift both the upper part of the body and legs at the same time. The hands should touch the knees before going back to the initial position. Do this 10 times in a three-set.

Remember, when doing this exercise, the head should not touch the floor. Flat Belly Fix is a website that highly emphasizes doing every excise the right way. Otherwise, you may end up losing fat from other parts of the body and not the belly.

The Final Take

It is wise to maintain a healthy diet and different workout routines to promote overall well-being. A majority of people find it difficult to lose belly fat simply because they are do not applying exercises that focus on abs. Many of them focus on exercises such as running, weight lifting, and others which are not for losing belly fat, but overall body shape.

On the other hand, all the exercises mentioned in this article are designed for belly fat burning exercises from the belly. Also, you may find some of them are difficult than others, especially when starting out. However, the moment you are used to them, you will find all of them to be easy.

It is important always to find new ways to reduce belly fat. This is where websites like Fat Belly Fix comes into place because it is a great source to find new information that will help you stay in shape.

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