Does Running Burn Belly Fat

Truth Or Myth: Running Can Help Get Rid Of Excess Belly Fat

When it comes to exercise,Does Running Burn Belly Fat.Running is one of the crowd-favorites and many people choose this because of various reasons, including losing weight and being physically healthy.

When we talk about "fitness", it is a broad topic and can cover various aspects of our life, and some people tend to confuse fitness with weight loss.

Regardless, there's one common thing that the majority of individuals want to achieve when they engage in running exercises, and this is to lose weight.

The question is: Does Running Burn Belly Fat help people lose weight? We're going to talk about the detailed answer as to whether running can truly help shed off those excess inches of your waist.

Does Running Burn Belly Fat

Does Running Burn Belly Fat Explained

Before we dig further into the benefits of running, and how we can correlate it with losing belly fat, let's first define what belly fat is. Technically, this is what we like to refer to as the visceral fat. While there's no denying that visceral fat doesn't look pleasant, it can also cause self-confidence issues, making people feel embarrassed.

Aside from the fact that belly fat may have an impact on a person's overall look, it can, unfortunately, cause various health problems. This visceral fat can be usually found around the vital organs that are also situated within your abdominal region.

Some of the common health conditions related to belly fat may include but are not limited to heart disease, cardiac arrest or stroke, type 2 diabetes among others. Sadly, shedding off the extra inches may be a difficult thing to achieve for the majority of individuals.

Generally speaking, most people who are trying to get rid of belly fat usually end up feeling frustrated. The situation doesn't get any better, especially if you don't know how you even got a big belly in the first place. Since people's lifestyles and body structures are different, the reasons why someone has belly fat may also vary.

So to properly address the problem, before finding out how to lose belly fat, one should learn the primary reason why they got it in the first place. Understanding the root cause lets individuals take the correct path and strategies towards losing the extra pounds in the abdominal area. To learn more about this, you can check out the Flat Belly Fix website.

Getting Slimmer, Toned Midsection Through Running Exercises

The majority of individuals have a common notion that running exercises are one of the best ways to get rid of the visceral fat found in the midsection. While this may be true for some instances, there are also some other factors that you need to know how this can help you. Generally speaking, running itself isn't the primary reason why you lose your belly fat.

Some people have a common notion that you simply need to run to achieve your weight loss goals. The truth is, there is a proper running exercise routine that you need to follow. You have to make sure that you're following an exercise routine that's targeted towards weight loss, and experience the best results. Technically speaking, running can help you build your physical endurance. It can also contribute to helping burn some calories, but not all running exercises can help you achieve having a slimmer waist.

Listed below are some of the most common running activities and exercises for effective belly fat burning.

Crossfit Training

You may have heard about this or come across this term, and this is usually a combination of various exercise routines, running being the primary activity. If you're considering slimming down your midsection, cross-training is considered to be one of the most effective exercise routines you can go for.

Take note that cross-training doesn't necessarily involve running alone. You can also choose from various activities such as swimming or cycling, whichever you enjoy the most. Always choose an activity that you're having fun doing, to get the best results out of it.


Fartleks is starting to make noise in the health and fitness industry because it is known to deliver amazing results. This type of exercise lets you experience the advantages of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. What does this mean? Whenever you're running, your muscles will then lack oxygen supply, which will then be replenished during cooling down exercise routines.

Both exercises are then done simultaneously. With drastic changes in your physical activity, your muscle tends to improve its flexibility. When this happens, you'll burn more fats. One of the main points and the best thing about this exercise is that it can help you use stored energy from your body and use it to help your body shed off some calories.

Interval Running Activities

Based on different tests and studies, high-intensity interval workouts are effective in helping you lose weight. Interval running is the act of running at various speeds. In turn, your oxygen will then increase its oxygen supply going to your muscle, which is effective in helping you lose weight.

This also helps your body to experience a boost in metabolism levels, and at the same time, aids in effectively burning more calories. Take note though, that these types of exercises are usually intense. The good thing though is that it comes in various levels, from beginners to experienced runners. This is also an efficient method for those who're preparing for doing advanced and more extensive workout routines.

There are tons of resources and other information found at the Flat Belly Fix website on running and losing belly fat.


Another intense running workout, people oftentimes find it hard to catch their breath because there's little time to rest. Your body is always in motion. This is an effective running routine if you're looking for ways to improve your body's metabolism.

Aside from boosting metabolism, this exercise is also geared towards losing belly fat in particular. While highly effective, this isn't ideal for beginners, and we would only recommend that you try this if you're an experienced runner. For you to be able to complete and survive tempo exercises, you need to have high endurance, which can also be achieved by doing other physical activities and exercise routines.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

This is another crowd pleaser and you'll find a wide variety of HIIT running exercises. The best thing about high-intensity interval training is that there is a wide range of running exercises available, which means that you can change it up every once in a while to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

This exercise usually runs for half an hour, but there is no specific timeframe set on how long you should be doing it for every workout session. Unlike other exercise routines, results may depend on the runner's expertise.

The longer that you can do it, the better. Basically, you'll perform a series of exercises and stop until your body cannot bear it any longer. While you're performing this running exercise, you need to take note of your heart rate. Make sure that your body delivers more oxygen to different parts of your body especially your muscles. More oxygen delivered to the muscles means that the muscles will be able to perform at its best. When you perform this exercise, your muscles are strengthened, and when this happens, your body is then signaled to use more calories and burn more fat.


This is a running exercise that seems like a combination of both cross-training and HIIT exercise. This needs to be done 2-3 times weekly. However, this exercise cannot stand alone for losing belly fat and should be partnered with other running exercises.

Unlike other running exercises which could take at least thirty minutes, this one only takes 10 - 20 minutes, depending on your pace. Despite the routine being short, it's considered to be one of the most effective exercises when it comes to burning belly fat. The great thing about this is that this exercise can be performed even by beginners. Running exercises in this regime are usually easier and are less strenuous.


Jogging or going out for a run isn't the only thing that you need to do if you want to effectively get rid of belly fat. If you want to achieve your weight loss goals, try incorporating one or more of the running exercise routines listed above.

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