How to lose stubborn belly fat

Learn How You Can Lose Your Stubborn Belly Fat

One out of four adults around the world is dealing with belly fat as a personal struggle. How to lose stubborn belly fat The number of people already dealing with this is astounding, and the problem is growing worse with more and more joining this category by the year. On top of it all, belly fat isn't healthy for anyone, regardless of gender or age. In fact, belly fat isn't just unhealthy, but downright hazardous to your physical health and wellness.

Belly fat applies substantial strain on the organs inside your body, making them work a lot harder than they have to in normal circumstances. People have many different motivations for losing their belly fat, but most of them are focused on improving their health. If you'd like to learn some secrets behind losing belly fat fast, visit the website for the Flat Belly Fix. Before you do that, though, stay here and read about losing really stubborn belly fat.

Belly fat is something that can happen because you consume too much alcohol and eat more food than you need. Abundant stress can also trigger it as well. A lack of physical activity and exercise might be one of the dominant causes why so many are seeing unwanted belly fat accumulate around their middles.

Anyone that lives an inactive lifestyle is at risk for belly fat around the abdomen. Something else that doesn't help is eating patterns involving high levels of sugar and fat. The modern world involves easy access to things like fast food, which usually has the very things that can contribute to belly fat.

What Makes Belly Fat So Unhealthy?

If you are a man with a waist line of more than 40 inches, then your belly fat is possibly hazardous. The same applies to any woman with more than 35 inches around her waist. Measurements past these limits usually imply a lot of deep-lying fat inside the human body, in places that can make life difficult for internal organs, like the liver. Having said this, obese and overweight adults aren't the only ones that might have an abdominal area with unhealthy fat.

All this deep-lying fat is actually active at an organic level, and it can lead to serious health issues and disease. These include diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Unfortunately, this deep-lying fat in someone's abdomen might impact individuals who aren't even obese or overweight in the first place.

What Makes Belly Fat So Unhealthy

Think Of Deep-Lying Belly Fat Like It's Another Organ

Belly fat laying deep inside the body can create a multitude of complications, to the point that some medical professionals think about it like it's a new organ. Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, can be an active source of health risks and full-blown diseases.

It can be considered an organ due to two facts. First, it's active at a metabolic level. Second, it might be secreting hazardous hormones. Visceral, deep belly fat might put out a kind of protein that triggers insulin resistance within your body.

That resistance to insulin can result in diabetic issues which are truly unhealthy. Quite often, they turn into tremendous health risks.

Having visceral fat inside your body can also make your blood pressure go up and lead to the problems and issues associated with that. Also, abdominal fat lying deep within can push your belly far outwards, resulting in physical discomfort.

Belly Fat Can Create Severe Complications

Visceral fat deep in the belly might be the trigger for serious complications that lead to fatal consequences.

Heart disease and heart attacks are among the issues that wreak havoc on your health and wellness.

Another problem that's impact quite a few people is diabetes, given how much visceral fat lurking inside their bodies. Type 2 diabetes specifically is an issue resulting from visceral fat, resulting in glucose remaining in the bloodstream instead of getting burned as fuel. That means the body simply doesn't make the insulin it needs, or many cells just no longer react to any insulin that is present.

One more life-threatening problem that abdominal visceral fat can result in is stroke. High blood pressure can result in a stroke, and deep-lying fat is a big risk for this.

Excessive visceral fat inside the abdomen is also a high risk factor for cancer. Breast cancer is known to be a specific risk, as is colon cancer or bowel cancer.

Dementia is often thought of as a mental or brain disease, but too much visceral fat down in the abdomen can actually make the brain shrink up in the head.

Alzheimer's disease is itself a kind of dementia that extra belly fat can heighten the risk of. Freeing yourself of deep belly fat isn't just great for your physical health, but also your mental health as well.

What's Really Behind Deep Belly Fat Inside Your Body?

So, let's get under the hood, so to speak, and talk about what really results in too much visceral abdominal fat.

Eating Too Much

Eating too much is a primary reason for the human body creating visceral fat that winds up in abdominal storage. Overeating simply means that someone is eating more food overall than their body needs to operate. The result is obesity. Unfortunately, quite a few people know they are doing it and just keep at it because it's become a habit.

If you're only overeating just one time each day, you might think you're okay. Sadly, you're not, since you have actually taken in more calories than you need. Each time you overeat, remember that you're weakening and even poisoning your body at the same time.

How to lose stubborn belly fat

Trans Fats

These are a frequent problem since they reduce your good cholesterol while making your bad cholesterol go up. These kinds of fats can be natural animal fats or artificial creations used to maintain the freshness of foods. You want to specifically avoid any artificial trans fats given their presence in many processed foods.

Many manufacturers don't even mention trans fats. If they do, they try masking the name by calling it things like hydrogenated oils. Trans fat is also known as unsaturated fat, and it can boost your odds of heart disease and quite a few other complications.


Excess stress might trigger your body to start reacting to any cortisol released. This winds up creating yet another reaction. Too much cortisol means your body starts releasing more insulin, and that lowers how much sugar is in your blood. When those levels go down, you are motivated to get them back up be eating.

In cases like these, your body is actually craving bad foods since it needs to get its low sugar levels back up. This results in unhealthy eating. Yet another negative impact is how cortisol instigates your body to release myostatin proteins, which you might not know much about, if at all, but you don't want them. They start the process of muscular breakdown. Excess stress leads to carving bad foods, which then reinforce the cycle with higher levels of visceral fats.


Consuming too much alcohol leads to visceral fat too. This is because the human body converts alcohol into a substance known as acetate. Your body can't store this, so it's instead turned into an energy source or primary fuel.

That means that any other nutrients available in your system, be they proteins or carbs, get turned into fat. Any excess calories in your alcohol just wind up adding more fat to your body. The excess deep belly fat inside your abdomen just grows more, continuing to poison your physique with more of its damaging proteins being released everywhere.

T​ummy Bacteria

An inbalance in your stomach bacteria will wind up disorienting your digestive system. That means it won't have the power to extract the proper levels of nutrition from any food that you consume. Obese individuals usually have an abundance of the Firmicutes bacteria, specifically. This particular bacteria actually extracts more calories from food than your body really needs.

If your digestive system doesn't have the right bacterial population, then excess belly fat can be a result. If you want to avoid more belly fat, then strike the right balance with your digestive bacteria. When your stomach has more of the healthy and good bacteria, then you can spare yourself quite a few future diseases.

  • How You Can Lose That Stubborn Deep Belly Fat

  • Your Quick List Of Belly Fat Triggers
  • Excess alcohol
  • Too much sugar in food and drink
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Dietary trans fats
  • Menopause
  • Low-protein diets
  • Fruit juices
  • An inbalance in stomach bacteria
  • Low-fiber diets
  • High levels of stress
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Genetics

If you'd like to reach your golden years and still be active and healthy once you're there, then avoid all of the previously mentioned things in the above list. Rather, choose the better things you can. Avoid all the things that might hurt you now and/or later.

Now you know the triggers and causes of excess belly fat, which means you also know how you can avoid it. On the other hand, if you have too much of it already, then you need to also know how to get rid of that.

How You Can Lose Belly Fat

We've gone over the many causes of belly fat, so let's look at how you can rid your body of it. Fortunately, once you know the causes, it's not all that hard to free yourself of it. To start with, you have to rid yourself of extra fat all throughout your body by leading a better lifestyle.

Once you do that, you'll start freeing yourself of the visceral fat lurking inside your abdomen, where you really can't see it. Once you start losing fat that you can actually see, you'll start shedding fat you can't see. Let's move on to the ideals ways of doing this.

Useful Ways You Can Lose That Stubborn Deep Belly Fat

If you have excessive belly fat that's not only stubborn but also really bothering you, then you need to change your overall lifestyle. How you specifically do this depends on whether or not you want to live a more active life and enjoy improved health. Look for ways to be more active every day, whether it's walking more in total or taking afternoon strolls with your spouse or dog.

If you want to lose inches around your waist and weight on the bathroom scales, then you need to look for ways where your body burns fat as fuel. Start moving around more often, get more active, and start eating a diet that is healthier and better balanced. This will encourage your body to naturally use extra fat as a source of energy and fuel, rather than just piling more nutrients onto the amount of fat that is already there.

Avoid drinking any fruit juices, as these usually have lots of extra sugar that you really don't need.

Include omega-3 fats in your diet since they help your body lower how much visceral fat is present. Weekly servings of fatty fish can help out a lot with this.

Get lots of sleep to maintain your natural functions, since this also helps in burning off extra visceral fat.

Also avoid sugary beverages for the very same reason you now have to skip fruit juices, which is avoiding consuming excess sugar.

If you want to replace cooking fats that are high specifically in unsaturated fat, then consider coconut oil as a new option.

Eating a low-carb diet can possibly help you lose excess abdominal fat. Whole grains, legumes, and vegetables might help you out with all this.

Find ways to deal with stress, since high levels of stress are proven to create belly fat.

Cardiovascular exercises are great ways to jump-start your body's activity level. Jogging for a half an hour a day is a very effective starting point.

Final Thought

As you now know, if you want to start losing belly fat, then you need to avoid the very factors which cause it in the first place. Once you have a solid habit of avoiding these culprits, then leading an active lifestyle is crucial to freeing yourself of stubborn deep belly fat. Make sure that you do all this while enjoying a healthy, balanced diet along the way. Be sure to regularly visit the website of the Flat Belly Fix for the latest information and advice.

How to lose stubborn belly fat
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