Stressed Out Trying To Lose Weight

Stressed Out Trying To Lose Weight

It seemed that regardless of what I tried, I couldn't lose weight. It was stressing me out. I tried a variety of diets to no avail. I increased my activity level and I fought long and hard to try and figure out why I wasn't losing the weight. I wondered what was keeping me from my goal. Then, I realized that I needed to do five specific things in order to lose excess weight.

Stressed Out Trying To Lose Weight

1. I needed to detox. One of the reasons that the weight wouldn't fall off of my body was that I had so many toxins in my body that I couldn't detox. In order to stop feeling sluggish and heavy, I would have to detox my body and then lose weight. I knew that if I went through detox, I would begin to lose weight. After this, I began to feel more energetic.

2. Stop weighing myself daily. It's easy to become discouraged when you expect a change and don't see it. So, instead of weighing myself daily, I began to weigh myself only once per week. This really helped as I could see changes. The body is always fluctuating in weight due to how much water is consumed and muscle mass.

It really helped to improve my motivation when I stopped looking at the numbers on a daily basis and instead weighed in first thing in the morning on the same day every week. The rest of the time I was measuring how I felt and looked and satisfied with that for my weight loss program.

3. Avoiding things that make me feel bloated. When I eat processed foods, salty foods, and bad carbs, I begin to feel bloated. Add to that too much fiber and overly sugary foods and I had a recipe for disaster in the bloat department. This was ideal for making me frustrated but worse, it was hard on my body. When you feel bloated, you begin to feel depressed and miserable. You lose your momentum. It really helped to remember the first thing that I noticed and detox my body.

To avoid feeling bloated, I had to let go of some of the foods I was eating and focus on a healthier diet that had the right amounts of fiber. I also had to increase my water intake and detox my body. After I implemented these rules, I began to feel better and more motivated.

4. Choose the right exercises. I had to change out how I was exercising. I had to choose cardio exercises over muscle mass exercises. That made a huge difference. I went to the gym and headed for the treadmill. I was challenging at first and not very effective at losing the weight or getting into shape. I revamped my exercises and focused more on cardio and resistance vs the treadmill and I began to lose the weight and feel a lot better. I did sets and some weight training and the muscles began to feel better and improve as well.

5. After implementing the above ideas, I began to focus on a diet that would center around my personal metabolism. I changed how I ate and avoided processed foods that would be based on sugary foods and over-processed foods that made me feel bloated and sick. Once I began to eat right, the weight began to fall off and I felt so much better. My metabolism increased and I began to lose the weight permanently.    

If you, like me, are struggling to lose weight and can't seem to get a handle on it, you may wish to give these 5 tips a try. Once you begin to gain momentum you'll feel better every day. These are the things that I did to lose weight and once I started to lose the excess weight I began to feel better and more energized on a daily basis. I had been struggling for years to lose the excess weight and I felt like a complete failure. However, after I started the to gain momentum I felt better than ever. It's easy to lose weight once you begin to focus on what really counts. Once I detoxed, I gained momentum and added in the cardio to help the transition. It works.

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