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Can Weight Loss DVDs Help You Win The Battle Of The Bulge?

Has someone recently recommended to you that you try a weight loss DVD as a way of possibly exercising and getting into better shape? If you have never done it before, then it might be something that you should consider.

Keep reading to learn about weight loss DVDs, how they can help, what to look for in a portable DVD player, and how to care for your discs.

Why Should You Use A Weight Loss DVD?

Many people want to lose weight. Consider that two-thirds of all American adults are overweight as it is, with half of them being technically obese. Most of them want to exercise, but their schedules might not permit outdoor activity all year long, and they might feel out of place and self-conscious when working out in a gym or fitness club.

This is where a weight loss DVD can be of tremendous assistance to you. You can exercise and work out in the privacy and comfort of your own home. With a portable DVD player, you can exercise in any room of your home and even in your hotel room when you travel and are on the road.

Weight Loss dvd

How Do You Pick The Right Disc?

Choosing the right video is crucial, but it's not always easy. Whatever discs you choose, they need to meet three different criteria at the same time. First, they need to be effective in triggering weight loss. Second, they need to be within your reach, so you don't injure yourself or just stand there and watch people on the screen do things you physically can't. Third, it needs to be enjoyable enough that you keep doing it consistently over time.

There's no shortage of videos to choose from. The weight loss video market is worth billions of dollars. The plus side is the variety available. Whatever you think you might be interested in doing, there are dozens if not hundreds of videos out there waiting for you. The downside is how many of them say they are beginner- or novice-friendly when they are in fact not.

The best thing to do is to trust online reviews as a shopping guide. What videos are fun? Who loses weight? Which videos are actually safe for those just starting out? Be honest with yourself about your present state of physical fitness and skill level. Then, find something that fits you and helps you to the next level.

You might also want to ask your doctor or physician for recommendations. As with anything health-related, you should be consulting them about your abilities, limitations, and safety precautions before starting a new exercise program or weight loss regimen as it is.

Portable DVD Players

You can certainly use weight loss DVDs in your living room entertainment system. Many laptops and gaming consoles will also play them. However, you would then be restricted to wherever you have such devices or can set them up. Getting a portable DVD player along with your actual weight loss videos makes sense, because it frees you up to workout anywhere, be it the basement, the garage, or even your backyard. Getting out of a heavily trafficked room in your home means your workout goes smoothly and uninterrupted by strange looks, awkward jokes, and unsupportive comments.

While any portable DVD player can be useful, there are several criteria you should look for to find one that works out best for you. First of all, figure out what screen size you desire and use that as your first factor to narrow your search.

Secondly, consider the physical dimensions of any portable player. This isn't just about the size in terms of width, height, and length, but also the weight if you're going to be carrying it around.

Third, verify it will play the disc formats or DVD regions that correspond with the discs that you have. Also, consider the compatibility with any discs that you might buy in the future.

Fourth, pick something with your preferred audio output. Do you want something with speakers? Or are you just going to use a wireless headset?

Fifth and finally, look at the power source. Being able to plug it into a wall outlet is ideal, but some kind of recharge-ability or battery capacity is useful if you want to workout where a power socket isn't readily available.

Why You Should Take Care Of Your DVDs

It can take time to find the right DVDs for your weight loss efforts. Once you do, you don't want to ruin them. DVDs are more durable and sturdy than their VHS cassette tape predecessors, but if you use them regularly, especially in a portable player, things can still happen. The biggest threat is usually just dirt and grime. With just a little care and attention, you can keep your DVD collection in functional shape to keep powering through quite a few workouts.

The Do's

Always handle your discs by only their edges. When you remove discs from their containers, do so carefully. Also, discs should only be stored in the containers that were supplied with them. Keep your discs a good distance away from intense heat sources, and if you notice any damaged containers, replace them immediately. Have a soft, clean, lint-free cloth around to clean off playing surfaces. Wipe from the center to the outside edges.

The Don'ts

Never touch the playing surface of a disc, and also never leave them laying around without protection. Don't use solvents or abrasive cleaners in maintaining them, nor should you ever twist, bend, or distort a disc in any way. Don't use your discs as a tiny Frisbee or drink coaster. Never handle a disc when you have dirty hands.

In Conclusion

Now that you've read all of this, you have hopefully learned a few things. The first was the benefits that weight loss DVDs can offer you. The second was how to pick them out, and the third was what to look for in a portable DVD player. Finally, you learned the do's and don'ts of how to care for your collection. Hopefully, you find all of this useful as a new and effective means of losing your unwanted weight. Good luck!

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