Which Foods Contain Carbs And Which Ones Don’t?

The ketogenic diet definitely can work for you, as long as you are willing to give up most carbs. Which Foods Contain Carbs And Which Ones Don’t? The reason why I say that is because technically, the specific amount of carbohydrate intake that takes an individual out of their perfect state of ketosis for burning fat varies from one person to the next. So if you are someone who is really obsessive, you can read and study which carbs you might want to try and see what happens to your ketosis readings. However, that can get quite complex, so let's just say that what you are aiming for is "no carb."

Some people get a bit confused, so let's not make this more difficult than it really is. Let's discuss how you can avoid eating carbs at each meal while still being able to enjoy filling and hearty snacks, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

Eat only real food. When going carb-free or keto, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that anything that comes in pre-made in a package, carbon or box is most likely full of carbohydrates, along with many other non-healthy ingredients that will not make you feel good or lose weight. So, therefore, macaroni and cheese is a no-no (strange powdered cheese food and lots of carbs. Boxed soup mixes are also a big no. So basically, if it isn't made from scratch you should probably not eat it. Save yourself the time and hassle of scanning food labels and ingredients lists.

On a keto diet, anything made out of a mysterious powder is definitely off limits. That includes the gravy mixes that are found in the soup aisle at the grocery store. You cannot pour those over your tasty keto meats. Which Foods Contain Carbs And Which Ones Don’t.

They are full of sugar and are very addictive, and include unhealthy additives such as MSG. The reason why gravy has such high amounts of sugar (carbs) in the first place is due to the thickening agents that are used to make them, including flour, potato starch, and corn starch.

stop eating

It's pretty obvious that you need to stop eating grains. Cookies, muffins, cakes, cereal, bread, and also starchy sides such as potatoes, rice, and even quinoa and other trendy healthy grains are off-limits when you are on a keto diet. Those foods are healthy, but since the goal is

Which Foods Contain Carbs And Which Ones Don’t?

maintaining a state of ketosis, or having high levels of ketones within your blood, you want to avoid consuming foods that are rich in carbohydrates that will take you out of an accelerated fat-burning state. So, no eating cereal in the morning or sandwiches for lunch. 

start eating

Orange, white, and yellow vegetables contain high amounts of carbs. So yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, yellow squash, pumpkins, and carrots, although they are rich in vitamin A and are very healthy, they also contain high amounts of sugar and are not allowed if you are going to be following a full-fledged, no carb keto eating plan. Which Foods Contain Carbs And Which Ones Don’t? So you will need to find a different vitamin A source. You can get this from leafy, green vegetables, which are not restricted, and from fatty fish like salmon and tuna.

Which Foods Contain Carbs And Which Ones Don’t?


Beans are delicious but they are also full of carbs. It might not be well-known but vegan and vegetarian choices like beans and lentils contain carbohydrates which make them not keto-friendly. So you will need to make a switch if you like to eat lentil soup from time to time and go with beef soup (without the barley) instead. If you are going to be eating very small amounts of carbohydrates then you can sprinkle a couple of beans into your tomato and meat based chili as long as your keto test strips say you are still within the ketogenic safe zone.

Desserts are a big no. Unfortunately, sugar is a major enemy for anybody who is overweight, and not only people following a ketogenic diet. Therefore, if you are susceptible to Halloween candy gorges, midnight freezer raids for ice cream, or drive-thru donut binges, but want to get good results from a keto diet, then you will need to find new ways of satisfying your cravings where sugar is not involved.

fruit allowed

Avoid fruit. Most fruit, unfortunately, although it is satisfying and healthy, is somewhat forbidden when you are following a keto diet. The only fruits that are allowed don't really seem very fruit-like, although when you are doing keto you might crave them: cranberries, limes, lemons.

Which Foods Contain Carbs And Which Ones Don’t?


In order to make up for a lack of nutrition from not eating fruit, it is a good idea to find alternative sources of magnesium, potassium, and enzymes. Some of those benefits are offered by coconut water (the best is from fresh coconut, although in a pinch boxed will do).

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