Why Bad Diets Are Bad

Why Fad Diets Are Bad For Your Health And Do Not Produce The Desired Outcome

Why Bad Diets Are Bad Dietary experts say that unhealthy diets are those that fail to acknowledge issues that pertain to why people initially gained weight. Failure to learn about proper dieting results in putting the weight back on after all is said and done. Those unhealthy eating habits have a way of sneaking back up on you.

Bad Diets And Their Side Effects

Bad diets are unhealthy because they do not teach people balanced eating according to the food pyramid. There are plenty of diets out there that keep people from healthy foods they should actually be eating. You don't want to miss out on those fatty acids, necessary carbohydrates and of course, vitamins and minerals.

Starvation diets are no good to you at all. Why skip meals? Are you going to do that for the rest of your life? In fact, skipping meals might not even help you lose weight in the first place. Did you know that doing so can actually cause your metabolism to slow down? The best solution is to eat smaller portions more frequently throughout the day.

Are you trying to lose weight without exercise? That is never a good idea. Some diets will claim that it is possible, but that's not how life works. The body needs exercise to stay healthy. Plus, if you want to keep the weight off over the course of your life, exercise must absolutely come into play as the body changes.

Why Bad Diets Are Bad

why bad diets are not good for you

The fact of the matter is improper dieting is going to produce temporary results, if that. Even if you do lose some weight, you're likely going to stick with the bad diet long enough to only lose fluid and a little bit of fat. Since the diet doesn't address healthy and balanced eating, you're going to fall back on old habits and find yourself once again at the starting line.

Bad diets are extremely inconsistent to the point that if you stop the diet at any point, your body is likely to put on weight by default. Do you really want to pursue a fad diet for the rest of your life?

Fad diets can be rather expensive, which makes them even more difficult to maintain. If you start to feel the burden financially, you are even less likely to stick with any particular type of diet.

Have you heard of ephedrine? This is a substance that has long been criticized, and athletes are even prohibited from taking the drug. There are extreme side effects possible that can lead to severe health consequences. Unfortunately, there are some fad diets out there that still include ephedrine. Ephedrine becomes even more deadly in combination with certain other food ingredients, particularly caffeine.

When you take on a fad diet, you might also notice that you risk dehydration. Sure, you can drink plenty of water, but the fact is that these bad diets often cause your body to lose a lot of fluid. You can label that as bad weight loss. This is particularly true with a lot of the low carb diets out there. And this type of diet can also cause you to have low blood pressure to the point of health consequences.

Did you know that a low carb fad diet can also cause constipation? You're not often getting enough fiber on this type of diet, and that can result in frequent constipation. Not only that, but fiber is supp;osed to be an important part of losing weight, so you don't want that deficiency.

Low carb diets can be extremely frustrating, too, because choices are limited. Think in terms of beverages. You're pretty much subject to water and tea. Diet sodas, diet energy drinks and diet sports drinks are also available, but you get the point. With so many restrictions in place, people often give up quite quickly and resume their normal eating habits.

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