The Purefit Keto Diet

Purefit Keto Diet vs Regular Keto

The keto diet is not a new idea, but it is something that hit the mainstream relatively recently and that has devotees that are as passionate as vegans or intermittent fasting fans, evangelizing the diet to all who will listen and what is better where to buy purefit-keto diet.

The keto diet works on the idea that if you eat almost no carbohydrates and put the emphasis on protein you will stop using carbohydrates for energy and instead burn fats, entering a state known as 'ketosis'. This, in theory, means better body composition and faster fat burning. Many people find that they can lose weight on a keto diet without counting calories because it is so much easier to run a calorie deficit (still necessary for weight loss even with keto) when you are primarily eating proteins and fats. Keto means you can eat "whatever you want" and still lose weight because you fill up on fewer calories.

Why Plain Old Keto isn't Enough

The problem with the keto diet, for many people, is that it requires a massive change on your diet. Chocolate, potato chips, bread and pasta are basically out. Baked potatoes, pastries, muffins, bagels and even wraps could have too many carbs. French fries and milkshakes are also a no-go, as are breakfast cereals. When you start eating a keto diet you realize exactly how many carbs a modern western diet contains. It takes thought and planning to follow a ketogenic diet and it's pretty hard to do if you eat out socially.

Starting the keto diet can be tricky since the margin for error between "low enough carbs to be miserable" and "entering ketosis and feeling good" is thin. A lot of people can't be bothered with using test strips to check whether they are in ketosis, or tracking their diet to the extent that is needed to get into ketosis and stay there.

For those who love meat and dairy, keto is easy and even fun. The first few days can sometimes be tough, but it gets better and it can make you feel good once you get into the swing of it. If you're not a massive meat lover, though, it may be frustrating for you. That's where the Purefit keto diet comes in.

The Purefit Keto Diet - Keto Without Keto

The Purefit Keto Diet is a diet which claims to help people enjoy the benefits of keto, without having to change what they eat. It is a supplement which offers ketosis-like benefits for those who still eat carbs. The makers say that it triggers ketosis almost immediately, instead of you having to deplete your glycogen stores first.

The ingredients, magnesium, calcium and sodium BJB are useful for helping the body kick itself into ketosis. Indeed sodium BHB is one of the first ketone bodies that the liver will produce when it transitions to ketosis. But the big question is 'does it really work'?

If you take the supplement and test your ketone markers, you will likely find that they have increased. So from that perspective, the supplement works. If you're looking to enter ketosis for the reasons of body composition, it's a good idea. If you're looking to do the keto diet for the "eat what you want" benefits, then just taking a pill isn't going to get you there.

The keto diet lets you eat filling, luxurious, tasty fats. Most people will feel sated if they eat a lot of bacon or a steak with some veg on the side. They come away from their meal feeling as if they just ate like a king, but the total calorie count of the meal is lower than if they "tried to be good" but ended up having fries as well. That's where keto is so helpful for being a low maintenance diet. It fills you up, it makes you feel that you aren't depriving yourself and it makes you have more stable energy levels throughout the day. That's a tough set of benefits to ignore.

Purefit Keto puts you in ketosis but lets you still be eating carbs. Depending on what your diet is like that could be a blessing, but it could offer next to no benefits. With the Purefit keto diet, if you're someone who eats fairly low carb but is just on the border between being in ketosis and not, then you could find that you get a lot of benefit from the supplement. If you are losing weight but you're struggling with body fat composition and fearful of losing muscle, then Purefit could help you with that.

If you just want a pill that will 'put you in ketosis so the fat melts away' then you're on the road to disappointment. Purefit is not going to take calories away or make your body burn fat if it doesn't need to. Ketosis helps you but it's not magic.

The Keto Struggle

A lot of people struggle to enter ketosis and find that when they cut back on carbs they experience what is known as the 'keto flu'. They feel foggy, dizzy and tired during the first few days. It can be hard to stick with it for long enough to go through that difficult period and enter ketosis to enjoy the benefits.

This is part of the reason that keto is so controversial. Some people swear by it because their entry phase was short and easy. Some people hate it because they never quite got there. Some people gained weight on keto because their hunger and satiety cues are such that they did manage to overeat. Supplements such as Purefit can help you to get through those difficulties and feel better more quickly, so you're more likely to stick with ketosis for long enough to feel the benefits.

If you've tried keto and wanted to like it but weren't quite there yet, then it's refreshing to see that there are other options. No way of eating is a magic bullet. You will always need to practice moderation, but sometimes supplements are a useful extra helping hand.

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