Testogen Reviews


Testogen Results and Reviews: Claims, Side Effects, and Ingredients

If you have ever been in the market for a testosterone booster, then you have probably seen Testogen reviews.

It is among the most popular OTC testosterone boosters available in today's marketplace. Given its bold claims, that is not surprising. The package says it does everything from increasing your muscle size to boosting your libido.

I decided to order a bottle to test these claims. Does it actually work? To find out, read the following Testogen review.

It can be a real crapshoot to purchase any kind of testosterone booster online, and it always a little frightening to hand over your credit card information.

Their website looks professional and sleek. That's a good sign but is not sufficient to prove that the company is entirely trustworthy. However, the site is easy to navigate and read.

All major credit cards are accepted. However, they do not accept checking accounts or PayPal. Completing my transaction was easy enough.

I didn't run into any problems ordering the product. I paid forone order, and that is what I was charged for. There were no hidden charges or rebills.

As far as I can tell, at the moment, they appear to be completely legitimate. To be safe, after you make a purchase, review your credit card statement. Anytime you order something on the internet you should do this.

Testogen Reviews

What Plans and Prices Are Available?

Testogen offers two primary products. The regular capsules is one of them, while Testodrops is the other, which is Testogen in liquid form.

There are various ways that you can order the products. The main options are one, two, and three-month supplies. Free products are included with the two and three-month suplies, so you basically get a few extra free boxes.

Another thing that I was happy about is they offer a 100-day money-back guarantee in case I was not satisfied with the product.

My Shipping Experience 

Two shipping options are offered by Testogen. They offer free shipping. No tracking informaton is available and it takes 5-7 days. If you refer 1-3 day shipping, it costs $7.49 and comes with tracking.

I chose the free shipping option. My order arrived in 5 business days. It was a discreet package, which meant I didn't need to worry about having awkward conversations with any of my neighbors regading my online shopping.

Although I didn't have any problems with their free shipping, next time, I think I will use their paid option. Testogen is not cheap, and it would be nice knowing where my order is at all times.

Testogen Reviews

Important Things You Need To Know About Testogen 

There are 11 all-natural ingrediens that make up Testogen. Each of them are thought to increase levels of testosterone. Those ingreidents are the following:

D-Aspartic Acid

This critical regulator and amino acid simulates luteinizing hormone production. This in turn boosts levels of tesosterone. D-Aspartic acid is among the best natural ingredients for the stamina and growth of muscles.


Along with being necessary for producing testosterone, magnesium can help help to promote improved sleep. This can provide you with higher energy levels and better focus.

Vitamin D3

Quite often, low levels of vitamin D correlate with low testosterone levels. Therfore, it is impotant to get as much extra support as possible. Vitamin D3 is particularly useful, since it can boost levels of free protein.

Nettle Leaf Extract

It is possible for protein to interfee with the ability of your body to make use of testosterone. What nettle leaf exta does it bind itself to your body's proteins, which alllows your testosterone to work without being interferred with.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract

Used an an aphrodisiac in Eastern medicine for centuries, this extract can help to protect your testes against damage, which allows to continue producing testosterone.

Fenugreek Extract

This herb also helps to boost libido. It also can increase vitality and stamina.

Vitamin K1

This essential nutrient helps with the absorption of vitamn D, which ensures that all of the vitamin D contained inside the pills is put to good use.

Vitamin B6

Your body uses B vitamins for all kinds of things. One of them is increasing levels of testosterone. They help to keep estrogen levels under control as well.


Oysters contain high levels of zinc. That tells you everything you should know abut how zinc can help your sex drive. While sweating, you lose zinc. So if you push yourself hard at the gym, you need to get as much zinc as possible.


A small dose of boron can really make a signifiant difference in the levels of your free testosterone. It is especially ciritcal for anyone who wants to increase their strength and lean muscle, and add bulk.


This compound is contained in blackpepper, and helps your body with abosorbing the other ingredients contained in Testogen, to make sure nothing is wasted.

Are Side Effects Caused By Any Of These Ingredients?

Since Testogen ingredents are all-natural, it is extemely rare for any side effects to occur. However, you could always potentially experience any of the following:


My Testogen Results 

I eally liked everything that Testogen promised to do: sharpen your focus, give your sex life a boost, increase your energy levels, etc. However, those reasons wee not why I stated to initially take a look at testosterone supplements.

Briefly put, I was not able to perform satisfactorily in the gym any longer. I wasn't seeing any gains in strengh, and I was getting tired of being unable to keep up with younger guys any longer. I started to suspect that I might have low levels of testosterone.

I went to the Testogen website and placed my order for a three-month supply. It wasn't cheap, but I decided to give it 90 days at leas, and liked the thoght that I would get two free boxes with my order.

Testogen Reviews

I started to take Testogen right after I got it. Taking it is kind of a pain, since you need to remember every morning to take four capsules. However, if it actually worked it would be worth it.

At first, I didn't see a lot of change. I was actually starting to think I had wasted my money. However, just in case, I continued to take it.

After around two weeks, I began to get the first hint that it may be working. I started to notice that I had more energy than I normally did.

Now I didn't turn into Superman suddenly or anything like that. I just noticed tha geting up in the morning was easier, and I still had enough gas in my tank to do a couple of extra reps than I normally did.

That was pretty much the way my experience went. What hapened is I had a bit more juice than normally, which made it possible for me to work a bit harder inside the gym than I normally would.

It isn't too suprising then that I started to noticed improvements elsewhere. My bench press maxium increased by 20 pounds in two months, and after three months I dropped one waist size.

However, I want to make things perfectly clear. The Testogen did not cause these changes magically. I think it provided me with the energy that I needed in order to do the necessary work. You can't simply take Testogen and then sit around and expect that miracles will happen.

Like other aspects of my life, I cannot claim to have become a voracious sex fiend, but I haven't really ever had any issues with my sex drive. I have never turned any action down due to being tired.

Here are all of the results that I achieved after I took my three-month Testogen supply: 

I finally started to make progress inside the gym
I never turned sex down
I startd feeling more energetic
I dropped one waist size
My bench pressed was increased by more than 20 pounds

What Has Been Experienced By Other People?

If you do some research online, you will discover that my experiences are fairly common among other users of Testogen.

The Amazon Testogen reviews are mainly positive. I found a few that closely mirrored by own experience.

These guys experienced all of the same things that I did - including being skeptical befoe seeing results after about two weeks.

Does that mean that Testogen can be guaranteed to work for everybody? No, of course not. However, since my experience is the same as others, I am confident to say that Testogen is among the best OTC testosterone boosters on today's market.

Where Can Testogen Be Purchased?

Tesogen can be found on Amazon and oher retailers (although Testogen cannot be found at GNC). Ordering it from their website directly is probably your best option.

"Free"/Coupon Testogen Bottles 

There are often deals offered on their website. They are currently offering two free pill bottles when you order more than just a one-month supply.

What is My Review's Final Verdict?

I was really happy with my whole experience of ordering Testogen and taking it. Although Testogen is not a miracle cure, it did just what I wanted it to do when it came to increasing my levels of testosterone. I am definitely a satisfied customer.

I would give Testogen an overall rating of 4.7/5.0. It is a bit expensive, and does take some time to start to see results. However, I don't any other complaints.

For a more comprehensive breakdown of my rankings, below is how Testogen ranks in a few critical categories:

Testogen Reviews

Overall Results: 4.7/5

As previously mentioned, I took it for a couple weeks before I started to see any resuls. However, I was quite satisfied after I did. You need to make sure you don't have any unrealistic expectations. You won't suddenly become a bodybuilder or anything like that.

If you would like to have enough energy to increase your love life or workout to the next level, this is one of the best supplements around.

Not everyone will take Testogen for the exact same reason. So the following will give you a better idea of he ways that it worked for me in different situations:

Add Lean Muscle: 5/5

I bought Tesogen for this exact reason. I received the results I was looking for. However, to gain strength you do need to do the work - Testogen will not do the work for you.

Libido: 4.5/5

Before purchasing this product, I ddn't have complains about my sex drive, so I am probably not the best indivdual to ask about this. However, I definitely did have much more sexual energy than I normally do.

Energy: 4.8/5

Testogen gave me the increased energy that I needed to do my work inside the gym. Therefore, I give it high marks. However, I also didn't start to run around as if I was on speed.

Ingredient Quality: 4.5/5

All of the Testogen ingrediens are all-natural and have been proven to boost testosterone. There are also ingredients to help your body be able to absorb any new testosterone so that nothing is wasted.

I didn't give this category a perfec score because it is lacking in a few ingrdients. I would have liked for it to have contained ashwagandha root or DHEA.

Price: 4/5

Testogen is on the expensive side. I am happy with my results so I feel hat it is worth every cent. However, if you are a price-conscious person, there are probably cheaper options that you can find. They provide a 100-day money-back guarantee as well in case you are not satisfied.

You just need to be careful and not go too cheap. You will onnly achieve resuls when you consume proven ingredients - and they cost money, after all.

Side Effects: 4.8/5

I did not get any side effects from taking Testogen, and I don't believe many other people do either. Howve, since it is possible to suffer an adverse reaction, I did not give a perfect score.

In general, the worst thingthat you might need to worry about is getting an upset stomach.

Testogen Reviews


If you would like to have one of the leading testosterone boosters around so that you can finally start to see the results that you have wanted inside the bedroom and gym for so long, then Testogen is an excellent option.

Of course, you still need to do the work as well. You won't get get muscles magically from it. You need to do the work, and if you do, Testogen will ensure that you achieve your desired results.